Green Initiatives

Killion Industries, Inc. has been a leading source for innovative quality Checkout Systems, Produce Fixtures and Store Fixtures for over 30 years. At this time, we are entering into a new era of Green Initiatives to assist not only our customers but become good citizens of our environment. In fact, long before “Green” became a popular catch phrase we were taking action to become an environmentally friendly manufacturer.

We have worked with and are currently working with Whole Foods and their LEED consultant to enhance the Green Building initiative in the state of California. In addition, our vendor community is working with us to achieve the California LEED requirements that are upon all of us. The advantage of being a manufacturer in the state of California puts us on the cutting edge of Green Initiatives that will become the standard nationwide and perhaps throughout North America.

We have incorporated materials for all of our customers across the country utilizing Sky blend particleboard – a formaldehyde free wood product. In addition, we provide Forbo Marmoleum Flooring materials for our Top Deck surfaces. The Forbo material is made from natural materials consisting of linseed oil, wood flour, and rosin binders, dry pigments, mixed and calendared onto a natural jute backing. Marmoleum is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

We took the initiative in the late 1980’s converting our entire painting and adhesive application systems from solvent based to water based. This substantially reduced the company’s emissions of Volatile organic Compounds released into the atmosphere. This was a bold step at the time.

On an annual basis, our Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and Particle Board (PB) purchases approach nearly two million square feet. In addition, our paints and adhesive purchases are in the thousands of gallons. Yet, as a manufacturer of Checkouts, Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers and many other types of store fixtures, we only produce 10 to 30 gallons of recyclable waste per year. At Killion Industries, we also recycle the wood scrap created from our CNC Machines as well as the wood dust collected from our central vacuum system. All of this recycling is not only good for the company; it is good for the environment.

In addition, Killion Industries recycles paper, cardboard, computers and toner cartridges through the appropriate recycling channels. Employees are trained on the appropriate methods and policies regarding recycling of these materials and those mentioned above.

We have installed state of the art energy efficient lighting fixtures in all buildings in order to conserve energy. Furthermore our location in Sunny Southern California where sunshine is abundant allows Killion to take advantage of this free resource. We take advantage of this resource as it is used as the primary source for our factory lighting by utilizing extensive sky light portals throughout our factory buildings. This allows us the ability to utilize electric lighting on an as needed supplemental basis. Factory heating and cooling systems are not necessary due to the mild weather experienced year round. This also translates to a “Greener” factory operation.

We are currently involved with the reduction of energy consumption in our entire Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers product lines. We are also working with Checkout and Store Fixture customers to incorporate as many “Green” applications as possible in working with our customers and their LEED consultants.

Killion Industries looks forward to working with you toward LEED and other Green initiatives now and far into the future.