Energy Innovation

The Department of Energy (DOE) 2012 Energy Conservation Program that regulates Commercial Refrigeration Equipment went into effect on January 1, 2012. Compliance to this Federal program is mandatory for all manufacturers selling Commercial Refrigeration Equipment within the USA and mandates maximum energy consumption limits dependent upon the type model as prescribed in the final rule.

Although the DOE has stated that it has delayed enforcement of the DOE 2012 Energy Conservation Program for some products distributed in commerce, the DOE has also clearly stated that such products must still meet all prescribed energy conservation standards under the DOE’s regulations.

Killion Industries began making changes in 2010 to the refrigeration product lines in preparation for being compliant to the DOE 2012 ruling. We are currently in process of completing the third-party certifications necessary to verify the stated energy consumption for each product model. Formal product energy consumption documentation will be provided on an as-completed on-going basis for each product model during this initial certification process.